Sunday, 13 April 2014

Little Vignettes...

french lace .  fine wooden comb . old tin with lovely decoration . House Doctor velvet ribbon with gold edging .

handmade tote bag in linen & vintage fabric . french haberdashery . shears . old 'Dijon' mustard pot .

we have lots of french haberdashery available at the shop... especially lengths of lace & pieces of delicate crochet

delicate details in this piece of lace, can you see the butterflies?

'Hatley' Tote Bag . french lace . spectacles & case . letter stamps .

Moss Stetson . circular frame with starfish (Victorian) . french haberdashery . driftwood .  hydrangea petals

lengths of French lace . collar . shells . dahlia postcard . fan coral from Toast look book .

simplicity in faded whites

Rosehip bag . Butterfly Journal . old match box . beachcomber finds

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